Talk on Migration & COVID-19

Activist Eiman Seifeldin will talk on how pandemic could exacerbate the existing vulnerabilities of the world’s refugees and internally displaced persons. How do travel bans and closed borders as well as the living conditions in camps all amplify the risks to migrants?It is right that our collective concerns are first and foremost for people who are at greater risk of dying from COVID-19. However, we must also recall that this pandemic is also on track to exacerbate the vulnerabilities of some 272 million international migrants worldwide. Persons displaced internally and across borders are particularly at risk – and the majority of the world’s 25.9 million refugees and 41.3 million internally displaced persons are in devoloping countries that are only starting now to be affected by the pandemic.
Eiman Seifeldin is a Sudanese human rights activist. She is founder of „International Crimes Monitor“ which documents crimes against human rights in Sudan. Since 2016 she is living in Germany. Beore that, she was a teacher for enviromental issues Ahlia University in Omdurman in Sudan.The talk will be in English. There is room for questions and discussion.

To receice the log-in for the online event, please write a mail to:
Rieke Lassen


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